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Picture this……

Imagine yourself, in an empty room. It’s you and only you engulfed in the never-ending thoughts rushing in out of your mind. Breathe in, breathe out. Suddenly nothing outside of this doorless room matters except what floats above you all the way up, as far as you can see and beyond. Who is watching me? Where are they? I can’t see them but I feel their presence. They’re eyes blaring on me like every move I make is being watched. Breathe in, breathe out. You wonder if you will ever know whats beyond the walls of infinity, whether you will ever be able to escape the paradox this life presents to you each and every day. Each and everyday we are trapped inside the endless, doorless worlds of society and expectations. Do it for the money not for the smile. Climb the occupation ladder not that tree, enjoy the view of conformity from your 33rd floor office not the view of nature at its finest. Working its hardest to impress you, while you work your hardest to impress others. Sometimes the right thing to do is to sit down in the centre of the chaos you call ‘life’ and forget about every thing that is expected of you. Picture what is 10000000ft above you and what captures your heart and your soul before it captures your never ending mind and before you know it, that thing that living, staring lurking thing is yourself, your adventurous self wanting to run away from the madness you willingly insert yourself in everyday. You believe that it doesn’t happen to you, oh but boy does it happen to you, more than the others you cross. Sometimes you just need to clear everything.

Now Imagine yourself 100000ft above the person you are now. What would you say? Would you still want to watch? Or would you turn away in disgust?
You are you, and what you choose to do, you live with those consequences. Don’t make the same mistake everyday.


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