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1 month no artificial sugar!

11th of January 2017, I literally woke up walked down stairs and decided that I don’t feel like having anything with artificial sugar in it. Actually I felt like never having it again.  It wasn’t something that I had planned. I didn’t sit down the night before and be like “okay I’m not going eat this, this and this”…. I hadn’t planned it at all.

I recently watched a documentary about a man who cut artificial sugar out of his diet and I watched the effects it had on his body. Mood swings, low energy and anxiety. He also went into the effects that artificial sugar has on the body and the lack of healthy affects it has on the body…. actually it has none!  It’s simply calories that is ingested straight into your blood stream to cause a massive spike in ones blood sugar causing for a big burst of energy. But just as any high high there is a very low low. Being more addictive than cocaine and over abuse of sugar can cause for overuse of ones pancreas (causing type 2 diabetes) also causing the failure of your pancreas (type 1 diabetes). Along with all the effects that artificial sugar has on your body you’re practically poisoning your body. Artificial sugar was not in the original diet of homo sapiens and I think after seeing the production of sugars and artificial sugars you might be quite turned off that block of chocolate in front of you.

Now to my current progress…  I didn’t realise how easy yet how hard it would be at the same time! There were so many things that I ate that I didn’t realise had added sugar in them! Mind you there were a few small mistakes I made in the first couple of weeks when I ate something that I didn’t realise had sugar in them such as sauces!! My advice stay clear of sauces in any kind if you are intending on going added sugar free! Spaghetti Bolognese sauce has massive amounts of sugar in them and I didn’t actually realise that until I was reading the packages of everything that I was eating! That was probably my biggest slip up but the amount wouldn’t have been enough to have a massive effect on my body!

My fruit consumption as gone through the roof! Apples are literally my go to! They are so high in fructose and fibre that they are the equivalent to a coffee with 3 sugars in it! They are the one fruit that get me through the day along with making me decreasing my appetite and the sizes of my meals. I used to find that after 2 hours of not eating I would be absolutely starving and would run for the biggest wrap with lots of sauce just to get me through the rest of the day. Now I find me telling myself that I have to eat because its important that may body stays nourished. I have never once found myself with hunger pains or even thinking that I’m hungry since going sugar free.

All though I’m going on about all these good things I should probably talk about the rough part of it. When I first started I found it really hard because my body was very reliant on the things that I ate during the day that I didn’t even notice I ate. For example in my car there is always a packet of mint lollies. A habit of mine was to sit in the car and reach for the mint lollies and when I first started being sugar free I would sit in the car and put a mint in my mouth not thinking about my actions. Upon realising what I had done I instantly spat the lollie out. I did this about 3 times before I stopped doing that. I also found I was getting headaches, having trouble sleeping, was very lethargic and also found myself being very reliant on carbohydrates to get me through the day (which isn’t all that bad of a thing… but everything in moderation)!

But apart from those negatives, I’ve found that I’m more happy and I have a lot more energy. You also become more appreciative of the things that you can have! I’ve since found a no added sugar pasta and sauce and peanut butter (my 2 favourite things)!

In my next blog about being sugar free I will do ten do’s and don’ts when going sugar free!

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