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Breatheeee and be stress freeeeee

Diving into a new challenge can be more than stressful. You put so much pressure on yourself to do well that you end up crashing and burning. Well sometimes the best thing is to take a step out. Assess the situation you are in. Ask yourself what is it that makes you stress? How can I manage this stress or even better, how can I completely remove this stress? What am I doing that makes me more stressed?
Sometimes its the most simple things that can reduce stress significantly and make you more capable of successfully flying over the obstacles that are in front of you. Some tips that I have learned to decrease stress that REALLY do work! You just have to be patient (it takes time so start now)!
1. Exercise!!! “exercise releases endorphins! endorphins make you happy! happy people don’t kill their husband and they pass their half yearly exams!”
– its one of the most essential things in being stress free and you can make it fun! mix up a cool playlist that makes you feel good, go for a run or download some apps that talk to you while you workout! (it really does decrease the pain) i personally love Nike Training, fit girls, 7 minute workouts and Sworkit! I also really love following along with the Xhit workout videos on youtube! half an hour a day, shake it up because the best things in life make you sweat!
2. Clean eating!!! No I’m not telling you to stop eating sugar completely or go vegan or paleo! But eating clean really does make you feel like a different person! Limit that 2 rows of chocolate to 1, and put honey in your tea instead of sugar! One thing that I notice is some foods make me really really bloated (high fat dairy and highly processed wheat products mainly). So I use lite milk instead of full cream and eat multigrain bread instead of white! Fruit and veggies also work a treat for making you feel amazing! Pumpkin, sweet potato and carrots are my favourite veggies because you can put honey on them and they taste amazing! Parmesan cheese in broccoli and cauliflower is another trick my mums uses with veggies!
3. H2O!!! Whenever i have a sip of water i think about all the bad toxins that it is flushing out of my body! While also giving it an essential ingredients to survive! Think about all the good things and start enjoying the taste! Sucking on ice in summer is also a personal favourite of mine!!
4. List all the things you have to do!!! 5 things at a time and when you have finished a task take a moment to really enjoy the feeling of crossing that off your list! The reason why I say 5 things at a time is because you don’t want to scare yourself into procrastination with the amount of work you have to do!
5. Mindfullness meditation!!! Yep you heard me right. My year advisor suggested mindfulness meditation to me about 4 months ago and at the time I honestly thought it was the biggest joke! My mind was constantly rushing and even when i slept there was no such time as calming down. But at the start of this school term i decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and well, the rest is history! The breathing exercises are amazing for not only stress relief, but listening to your body, being more in tune with your environment and concentration. At the end of the day, starting to meditate is the main thing that I owe my stress less term to! Nothing has been so stressful causing me to breakdown and thats the way I intend to stay! I love using Smiley Mind, Calm and Headspace apps! Youtube is good to find different ones as well (i get fairly sick of listening to the same voice after a while). All the apps are free and they ask you for 10 days to get you in tune with mediation and once your in you can’t stop!
I make my room really dark with fresh air flowing! Normally i meditate after i workout as a good muscle relaxation and i mediate of 10 minutes max (usually 5 minutes because I’m really bad at time management)
6. Sleep!! No matter how much work you have! go to bed before the sunrises! sleep deprivation puts the body into fight or flight mode and when your mind sees how much work it has to do after having no sleep, it causes you body to fly away from the work and cause procrastination! Since I have been getting a reasonable amount of sleep i have found that I’m much more relaxed and focussed!
7.  DO NOT DISTURB!! Make that little moon icon on your phone your best friend! yes nothing is more important as your education and no one has something that is so important for you to spend an hour texting them while you try and work! Do not disturb is fantastic as you don’t receive out loud messages allowing you to concentrate to the max! ( girls that cute guy can wait, his messages will still be there when you’ve finished your work and if he’s decent he will understand your late reply)
So there you have it! My 7 tips for a stress free life!
Good luck and enjoy!!

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