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Is Math Universal?

I constantly ask myself… Is Math Universal? Is it the language that is same everywhere you go? Whether you’re on earth or on a planet 3000 light years away? It’s a strange concept that I constantly battle the answer with myself, I wonder if Pythagoras applies no mater where you are or even if triangles exist anywhere else? On planet with different gravity strengths would a bullet still travel in parabola? Laws that we have developed over hundreds of years that we consistently rely for literally everything in life, is it accurate? Does it work EVERYWHERE?
And if math is universal where are we with the development of math? Do we know more than others? or are we merely amateurs in something that is considered a profession? Are Newton, Eistein, Snell, Pascal correct? Are they really decrypting the code behind life or are we off on a path no where near the answer?  When I talk to my friends and my teachers about this idea, they just laugh and say of course math is universal, it will be the way we communicate with aliens when we find them. But for some weird unknown reason I’m not convinced….
Maybe i refuse to accept the human mentality that ‘we are the most intelligent animal’. Maybe I visualise a world where everything we know now and believe is wrong. Maybe I’m hopeful that math, like code is diverse beyond the diversity it is now and I hope that one day (if we do meet aliens) that they are more intelligent then us, imagine the things we could learn off them and they learn of us. I guess I believe that everything is different, nothing is unique, like maths I know there is more for us to learn however I don’t believe the conclusion of math being universal should be stated as we don’t know, we can’t know, hence it should stay a hypothesis not an over used statement.

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