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It haunts you more than lifts you…

Today we hold onto memories in many ways, you might carry a picture of your children in your wallet. While I hold my most fondest memories on an electronic device and choose the most special ones to be the first thing I see when I turn it on and the last thing before I return back to the real world. But photos are just that… memories. They are the way we escape insanity and the hard task of recollection because we can relive that memory in either 1st or 3rd person.

I guess you could say photos are things that you hold onto the most. It reminds you of that someone who may not be here anymore, or an event that your mind might be manipulating events. We all seek the comfort of looking back in the past, not only to reminisce but to relive. We pray to dive into the eternal life that you lived a few years back. The priceless pictures of you smiling the way you cease to smile now, that photo, that one photo is all you have left. As hard as you try you cant remember how it even felt, what you were thinking or what you were about to say. How you wish to go back to that? Your youth, your innocence, the time where the whole world was at your feet and you could have done anything. But now all you have is that memory…
But maybe the pictures that we hold onto, haunt us more than they lift us. Would you be affected by a different you that you don’t remember? Would you seek the past as much if every detail wasn’t recount able?  Maybe they make us look back more than look forward. Of course its good to look back at far you or a loved one have come. But at that time, when your looking at your 17 year old self graduating from high school, or your wedding day… every single part of you wants to go back to that time. and for a while after that, it follows you, that feeling taps at your heels. Wanting to go back! But you can’t! You’re slapped with the harsh reality of the world you live in now. No matter how hard you try, you can’t go back, its a fact. Nothing changes that. That second is gone, never to be lived again.
But maybe just maybe this motivates you to not relive, but remake the feelings you feel when reminiscing on memories… Maybe it forces you to change a perspective, or create a new goal or habit?
At the end of the day what haunts you may just lift you, and what lifts you can haunt you (as much as you allow it of course)
Your choice, just don’t forget.

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