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It’s all just a theory.

Everything we believe and everything we are taught it is all just a theory. Nothing has ever been proven. Yes there is such thing as a mathematical “proof” but does that work with natural forming things on earth? or even elsewhere from earth.

The idea that universally 2+2=4 is simply just a theory and what does that actually mean? Does it represent a universal truth or simply something that the human mind has made up? We humans are the most creative species ever to be on earth, well we are the only species that are able to communicate our creativeness.

Much like the creation of time. What is time? Is it real or is it just simply numbers that  we have created to compensate for the distance that we travel throughout life and around the sun. Theories themselves give us a motivation to find a perspective on what we want to find out within this earth and the universe. Every single person can create a new theory to different things everyday. An idea that seems crazy but we don’t know enough that it could possibly be realistic. We sit under the stars with our closest friends and discuss “what if’s” and “how cool would this be”. The blood runs through our bodies a little faster when you start to imagine such a theory the feeling that only intensifies when you see yourself proving a theory or discovering something revolutionary. These feelings only last for a couple of seconds as you ground yourself again realising that it’s all just a theory and you wouldn’t even know where to start if you were to try and prove it.

Our imagination is endless and it is a beautiful thing that has lead to some extraordinary discoveries and there have been times where people imaginations have actually been correct. So where does human creativity and modern science overlap and how can they work together to learn more about the universe around us and answer questions that we have all been asking. If there was a way to explore everyones theories about everything, then what would we find? Who would be correct? or the bigger question is: Who could be correct? There is quite possibly people walking around telling people about crazy theories they have about anything and it being blown off for being to insane but they’re actually correct! and the only reason we don’t know is because we don’t want to know and we are to invested in theories that are possibly very incorrect. It’s a sad truth. The answers that we are looking for could be right in front of us however we are just to blind and to engulfed in what we want to know that we don’t look around and see that there is a different way to find a more accurate answer to the questions that we have been asking.

Sadly the reality is, the only one who is going to prove your theory is you. How are you going to do that? Who is going to help you? Those are all questions you need to ask yourself and seek the answers with the intelligent mind that has brought you to the place you are at now. Just be sure not to be engulfed by the false sense of being correct, be willing to adapt and at the end of the day…. it will still always be just a theory.

4 thoughts on “It’s all just a theory.

      1. Well Rora i have ideas like this too. I also write about them. I might have to show you some of them? Thanks for liking the blog… I hope you pop by sometimes. 😊


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