knowing the author! 10 facts about me!

I’ve decided to do 10 quick facts about me so you know a little bit more about me, my background and why I am here today!!
1. My second home is the water! Being a competitive swimmer since I was 5, I’ve found that I’m most comfortable swimming laps or exploring our beautiful oceans.
2. I’m Australian! My American friends tell me my accent is between a strong english accent and an australian accent. being a big reader and writer I’m very good with pronunciation and I have been mistaken many times (even by teachers) as British.
3. I love fitness but also chocolate! My dad is a fitness fanatic it has worn off on me quite strongly! I love any type of exercise from boxing to running and weights! But i like to be balanced as a block of chocolate doesn’t last very long in my presence.
4. I go to boarding school! Yep my best friend and I one day decided that we didn’t want to live at home anymore and we enrolled ourselves into boarding schools in different states! A massive shock to my parents but I was very lucky there were supportive and were accepting of me wanting to move away from home at such a young age!
5. When I am home I work 2 jobs! Im a waitress and a barista at my 2 favourite places on earth! I’m a very big believer in hard work and am not a stranger to working 14 hr days with about 45minutes break in between shifts. It has shaped me to be the person I am and I have found that I easily become good friends with the people I serve! Its such an honouring feeling walking down the street off duty and being able to have conversations and getting hugs from people who i have served. It makes the job much more pleasurable if you can have good conversations with people while working shifts.
6. I speak a little bit of Hindi and German! “such a weird and wonderful mix of languages you can speak” I work with Indians at one of my jobs and I have been able to completely sink in to their culture and have the best time with them at work! I feel completely comfortable and at home with them and if I could travel anywhere in the world it would be India purely because the people are so beautiful!! and i learnt german in 7th grade and love refreshing my memory of it!!
7. Ive only been overseas once and that was to America in January of this year! It was the best experience of my life and if anyone is thinking of going to Arizona DO IT!! Its the best place on earth!
8. I have a major fear of small spaces and lampreys! When i was a kid i couldn’t even handle being buried to the knees in sand! The idea of not being able to move or feeling stuck is a fear I have had since birth (literally! i think thats why i was born caesarean). I don’t know why but i like to be a able to breathe and see whats around me! and lampreys! don’t go there! just the idea of them make me want to faint! and if you don’t know what they are don’t google it they’re gross!!
9.  I don’t have a passion! other than writing and blogging on instagram and tumblr my life is not shaped by a passion that i have! I haven’t found what my calling is but I’m sure excited to find out!!!
10. I have massive fan crushes on Leonardo DiCaprio and Prince Harry!! If I could choose 2 people to be on a different planet with it would be them!!


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