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One door closes, another opens.

For every experience one has with life it is truely unique. However we all encounter changes. People come and people go, opportunities arise and sometimes you have to take the hard road. There will always be negative and deceiving people to bring you down and sometimes you just have to know when to say goodbye. For some reason we delve in memories, things that make you happy and you wish they weren’t over. I believe everything is either a blessing or a lesson and for each event that happens in life, if its a lesson and you don’t learn that lesson then the same thing will happen to you again until you learn what you need to learn. Things happen because you deserve more and one needs to believe that in order to gain more. But in saying that, be careful what door you choose to walk through because the most poisonous flower will most likely be the most beautiful in the garden. A snake won’t be seen until you have stood on it and it bites you and by the time you realise you have walked through the wrong door, the right one has closed and your opportunity for amazing adventures has been wasted because you don’t think or you purely look ahead not to your left or right.
As you walk through each door in life you will meet people on a similar (or completely different) journey to what you are on. As we intertwine our souls with people who are here for the long term or the short term, we gain perspective on the type of people we want in our life and the type of person we want to be for others. No matter where we go there will always be a deceiving, lying, pathetic snake on the same trail as you and you will realise that the people you need in your life will be the flowers that survive the longest in the garden, as they don’t try and tempt everyone that walks past them for you can see their beauty and they will see yours. Even when times become rough and the snake takes what you love the most, you watch it toy and eventually kill something you’ve put so much effort into all because your 2 doors have collided and there was clearly a necessary battle that needed to be fought. Whether you choose to fight for what the snake has and try to get it back its completely your choice. But before you fight, ask yourself is it worth carrying around while broken and fragile? If not, to prove you’re the bigger person you shall walk away. Walking through a door with possible prosperity and light baggage.
No matter what door we choose to walk through we will always encounter snakes and poisonous flowers, however its the flowers that heal your stinging wounds that the snake leaves, the people that will stand by you, comfort you in times of pain and don’t leave when it gets hard. people who choose to be that person for you and you choose to be that person for others. Everyone has faults and imperfections, but its the people who appeal to embrace and face these imperfections instead of trying to hide it from others that are the most beautiful. It’s your choice who you have in your life and your judgement and gut feeling will always give you the correct answer whether they are there for the journey or just for the stop. If they’ve been bitten by a snake and you know they will heal then give everything you have to make them (and you) stronger then you have ever been. If you can’t see a recovery strong enough to inevitably give you energy but instead constantly drain your energy then give them up knowing you’ve done the best you can. Also look for the people who will fight for you, the ones who give everything to prove they want to be there for you. Hold onto those people tight, for they are the most beautiful flowers in the garden, even if they don’t appear to be at first.
Take doors that will lead you on beautiful adventures. You will find pain, but no matter what the painful doors will also close. The happy ones will always be infinite and open, you just have to find them and the right people to walk with you through them.

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