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To blame is one thing, to murder is another…

Strangely enough I used to tell myself that I wouldn’t use this blog as away to stand on my soap box, however seeing more and more of the hypocrisy in this world, I feel as if even if I stand alone I will not stand silently.
I recently watched a few videos in the media about the debate on whether to cull great white sharks in our oceans in order to protect humans and increase our safety in the water. I come from one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Australia and over the last 4 years there has been at least 3 (probably even more) shark attacks a few headlands down from my local swimming beach. The argument by out spoken politicians and ignorant debaters is the fact that shark populations are on the rise hence increasing the likely hood of human encounters with the animals. Other than being a completely arrogant and pathetic argument, sharks are very very important to an aquatic ecosystem and the human interactions that sharks encounter is purely because of our choice to enter a potentially dangerous animals territory. Im sorry but what do you people who are supporting the cull expect? The fact that everybody who is supporting it are desk jockeys who get paid to sit on their little pedestals and activate for the stupid is quite hilarious. The amount of self centred people in this world is disgusting to say the least.
So I’m going to explain this hypocrisy in the way i understand it.
Ivan Milat- the notorious Bangalow state forrest has been charged and prosecuted for the brutal murder, rape and torture of at least 7 backpackers over a period of 4 years. He is currently sitting in cell while it may not be luxurious he would be well fed and have a guaranteed bed to sleep in at night knowing that he will wake up alive to live another day.
Now on average approximately 1 in every 2500 sharks will have an encounter with humans, whether that be surfers, swimmers or fisherman (please note encounters generalises, sightings, close encounters etc NOT just shark attacks). The governments culling plan is to wipe out thousands of sharks that do nothing but live in the existence of what they know having harmed nobody out cruelty of sadistic pleasure (like Milat) instead of pure curiosity and hunger.
So what makes it right for sharks who have not had encounters with humans to be killed, but for the Australian government to allow a disgusting excuse for a human being to still breathe another day? Humans are animals just like sharks and I believe it is wise to remember that at the end of the day when push comes to shove we are nothing more than sharks will ever be accept we find away to murder each other and animals and still sleep comfortably at night. Human over population is a major problem and the amount of people who are murdered
or killed by a man made accident are significantly larger than the effects sharks could ever have on the human population.
I believe we need to end this self centeredness and the arrogance towards other animals in our environment because at the end of the day mother nature can wipe us all out and there will be nothing else to blame or get angry at, it will just simply obliviate us.

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