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What aren’t we being told?

Everyday we watch the news, pay close attention to ‘current affairs’ that make it on to our television screens, radios and phones today. But when peoples dog and a random festival makes it on the news I begin to ask myself what isn’t being reported? For what ever reason, big events that effect thousands, sometimes millions of people all over the world doesn’t seem to trump a politicians karaoke night? With pity and irrelevant things being broadcasted more these days, it becomes apparent and clear that there are things that have been chosen to clearly not be broadcasted to the public.
I can imagine many people (like my parents) have resorted to watching overseas news broadcastings compared to Australian news programs as we learn more about what is happening in Australia on CNN than 7 news! As I become more and more curious about real events happening over the world I seek news reports by small journalist or different countries journalism. The world becomes a much more clearer place and you understand a lot more when you seek facts about other places over the world and for what ever reason (I can only speculate) why we don’t get told about bombings by terror groups in Afghanistan and Sir Lanka and devastations that are happening all over the world. Instead we get bombarded by cat videos. It is just ridiculous and stupid! Who ever is calling these shots about what gets reported needs to seriously wake up and get their priorities straight! Why don’t Australians have the right to be told about events all over the world? Our news broadcasters are sugar coating our current affairs and one needs to seek and search with curiosity and intent to see the corrupt nature of this world and especially Australian TV.
If you are interested in unreported facts in Australia and around the world please head over to my good friend Hugh’s website (link below)! very much worth the read and like me, I think you will all be shocked about what isn’t reported on Australian TV!

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