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February Top 10 TV shows to watch!


So while I normally don’t find a lot of time to watch TV, I do love delving into a great TV show, movie or book sooo here’s my current top 10 for this month. So if I ever have free time chances are this is what I’m doing and I definitely recommend you guys do the same!

  1. CRIMINAL MINDS!!!!! This will always be my number one!! It is my all time favourite tv show since I was a young kid! There are 12 seasons and they get better each time so watch the show, watch the behind the scenes its just the best show ever!!
  2. The OA! a new favourite of mine its a Netflix original series I wont give to much away because it’s so good! Definitely look it up!!
  3. Pretty Little LiArs: Im guessing everyone hAs heArd and seen some of this show! But I honestly love it!!
  4. Friends! Old Tv show but amazing I have a massive girl crush on Jennifer Aniston and she just slays on this show! Plus its a good laugh!
  5. Different Strokes: another super old TV show but honestly I crack up every time I watch an episode!
  6. Planet Earth: taking away from the fantasy and drama TV shows because I’m a massive nerd I love watching documentaries and Planet earth is by far my favourite!

These are my current favourite TV shows hope you enjoy!

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