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5 Books I want to read in the next month!!!

Im so excited I’m currently reading Oscar Wilde’s most famous short stories! I’m almost finished so when I’m done I will do a review on the book! But after I finish this book here are my next 5 books I’m intending on reading!

  1. To kill a mocking bird: I have read this before however now that I’m older I feel like I will enjoy it a lot more a second time around!
  2. The curious case of Benjamin Button: I absolutely loved the movie and think the book will be just as good if not better!
  3. To set a watchman: The second instalment of TKMB have heard really good things about it!
  4. Sleeping Beauty- Brothers Grimm: Ive heard that the brothers Grimm wrote some horrible things in our now known fairytales so I would love to read some!!
  5. Catch Me if you Can: the auto biography of Frank William Abanathe Jnr- Leonardo DiCaprio played Frank in the 2001 Film “catch me if you can”

I will do reviews on each book once I have read them! If anyone has any other book ideas please leave them in the comments below!


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