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Top 10 favourite artists right now!!

So apart from writing and reading my favourite thing to do is listen to music. I’m absolutely obsessed with acoustic music its so relaxing and helps me focus. Just calms you down and then I’ve got my pump up music so here’s my top 10 favourite artists right now. I will tag their websites so you can go and check them out!

  1. Ziggy Alberts! This god is an Australian man who started off busking in Byron Bay and is now travelling Australia performing to thousands of fans in many sold out concerts! His voice is an absolute blessing and he is even better live! I was lucky enough to see him when he performed on the Gold Coast late last year! So please do yourself and your ears a favour and listen to him!
  2.  Nahko and The Medicine People: Okay so, bare with me here. This guy is the most talented person I think I have ever laid eyes on! He’s an American Indian singer who sings about the land and politics and his voice and how talented he is just absolutely amazes me!
  3. Sticky Fingers: Another Australian Band they are the funniest guys to listen to some of there lyrics are hilarious but amazing at the same time! Their newest album Westway (The glitter and the slum) was an absolutely fantastic album!
  4. Ben Howard: A UK singer who sings a lot about the ocean and love, his voice is mystical and amazing and his lyric are beautiful!
  5. James Bay: Omg no words can describe! Just listen to his older songs!!!
  6. Maroon 5! While their older stuff is my personal favourites they’re new stuff is pretty amazing too!
  7. Eden! Okay so I don’t have a way to describe Eden in any other way than saying they are a blessing on this earth!! Most amazing lead singer and their covers on songs are amazing!
  8. The Vanns: A fairly small Aussie band but they are so talented and I cannot wait to see them blossom into more!!!
  9. The 1975: Again no words can describe and surely you have heard of them!!!
  10. Last but not least…. Ocean Alley: Another small Australian band with their alternative style and awesome lyrics they are a sick band to listen too!

Hope everyone enjoys my recommendations! and please follow me on Spotify for more of my musical tastes and some playlists that I have put together that I hope you enjoy! So Like follow and share this post!

6 thoughts on “Top 10 favourite artists right now!!

  1. Hello,
    Pleasure to meet you and thank you for stopping by my blog and taking time to follow me as well, I appreciate the support. I love music just as much. I practically have a song for every mood I am in and I always find that if I really like a song, I will listen to it on repeat like 100 times over until I am sick of listening to it. xD lol.


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    1. Hey so lovely to meet you and thank you for looking at my blog!! I love your blog its awesome?! do you have Spotify by any chance? we can swap playlists and enjoyed artists with each other, I’m always looking for new music and singers to listen too xx
      -Rora xx

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      1. Rora,
        Thank you for your response back and appreciate the positive vibes. I don’t have Spotify, I don’t think – I will have to check it out and when I get it, I have no problem swapping playlist! awesome idea! 😀


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