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5 steps to a refreshed you for the week!

So here are some little tips and tricks that I have found best to have a good week, feel refreshed and ready to get stuff done!

  1. Make a list of goals you want to achieve during the week: This great because you have a sight for what the week is going to be for you and you know where your mind is set and you will achieve those goals as long as you believe in yourself.
  2. Have designated me time: Make a certain time in the day to dedicate just to you doesn’t matter what it is.
  3. Be organised: This is the thing I struggle with the most! But being organised clears your mind so much! You don’t have to worry about what is coming up next because you’re prepared and you get dive straight into it!
  4. Workout: Everyone says ‘make Sunday your rest day’ but there is honestly nothing better than squatting and crunching your week stress out through sweat. It reminds me why I am doing all of this and how good your body feels afterwards.
  5. Eat Clean: Eradicate this idea of a ‘cheat day’ because cheaters get no where. Keep treating your body like the temple it is. Fulfilling it with good nutrients and things that make your muscles and organs go ahhhhh instead of doping them up with sugar and other additives.

Have a great week and work hard 🙂

-Rora x


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