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10 tips and tricks to go sugar free.

Okay so if you have read my prior blog “1 month sugar free” I’m doing a follow up from that and giving my 10 tips and tricks to survive going artificial sugar free and how to feel amazing.

  1. Trick: Eat lots of carbs and fruits: when I say carbs I mean complex carbs! Enrich your body with foods that will release healthy sugars into your body along with proteins and fibre and when those sugar cravings become massive there are fruits to sustain that cravings. So my go to’s were pasta with a sugar free pasta sauce (make sure you check the ingredients you get that is packaged if it has sugar, glucose, maltodextrin or any other words for sugar then its added and hence not healthy). Multi grain sandwiches or toast with sugar free peanut butter. (anyone who knows me, knows it was the best thing that had ever happened to me when I discovered sugar free peanut butter)! These complex carbohydrates are fantastic because they tell your body that you are full along with giving you a consistent blood sugar level without have a massive plateau like you experience with artificial sugars. My go to fruits are apples as they are very high in fibre and fructose which combined gives you a higher longer energy spike without the massive drop. Mangoes and bananas, these fruits will become something that you crave they’re just soo good and sweet it’s like lollies to a sugar free persons lips. And on occasions when I want to spoil myself I have watermelon with passionfruit on top. This was recommended to me by a girl I used to work with and honestly since I’ve tried it, its my treat I love it that much!
  2. Tip: when going artificial sugar free (and in general), its better to have drinks with sugar in them then to have drinks with chemicals in them. Ladies especially please listen to me. Diet Coke  and Diet drinks are not healthy for you! They contain this chemical called phenylene and it is so toxic for your body! It ruins your liver and other organs in your body!! So if you have to have a sugary drink go for the original not the diet version because at the end of the day, sugar can be burned off in the body but the effects that some of the toxins that are added to diet drinks are more dangerous.
  3.  Trick: Soda water: I’m not quite sure why but since I went sugar free I have loved soda water and lemon, maybe its because its bubbly and represents soft drinks but yeah I really recommend to start drinking.
  4. Tip: Do not cheat! Commit to something and stick to it! I hate it when people recommend others to have a cheat day or a cheat meal. Why you may ask? Because cheaters don’t get anywhere  and its only your body that you’re cheating! I’m sorry know its hard for some people to hear but it is the truth. Instead of cheating your body, enrich your body with something tasty, fulfilling and healthy. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring there is so many things to do with healthy food and they are so much more rewarding than a ‘cheat day’.
  5. Trick: Workout more! It doesn’t have to be intense weight training or cardio. Just going for a walk or doing some pilates/yoga is so good for you. Commit to working out 6 times a week for only 30 minutes and you will see the results very quickly!
  6. Tip: Keep a journal or a blog on how you’re feeling! Its always awesome to read back on how you were feeling and how it progressively changing (progress pics are always good too).
  7. Trick: Keep challenging yourself! I’m now just starting this 28 detox where I’m going gluten, dairy and processed food free. This is a massive challenge for me but I can’t wait to push through and see the results!
  8. Tip: Talk to people about it! Tell everyone why you’re doing it and about your progress. It reminds you why you’re doing it and makes you want to keep going! It may also motivate others to do the same!
  9. Trick: Have set times to eat: try and eat meals over snacks because then you don’t find yourself ‘bored eating’ because thats the worst thing that can happen to your body. Remember everything in proportion.
  10. Tip: Remind yourself why your doing it. Research about the effects that sugar has on your body and how bad it is for your body. That for me is the biggest motivator knowing that I’m detoxing my body from something that isn’t doing my body any favours whats so ever.

I hope this helps everyone and Im also coming up to being 6 weeks sugar free, so I hope this motivates you!


-Rora xx


7 thoughts on “10 tips and tricks to go sugar free.

  1. Wonderful post with many good tips and tricks. I like your honesty and bluntness in this. I don’t much artificial sugar, but nowhere near “clean”. Maybe I will try it out. Currently I’m experimenting with being vegan and I’ve also considered the “raw” lifestyle. Have you tried other diets and or lifestyle changes and which do you recommend the most?

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    1. Thank you so much! and yes actually currently I have just finished day 2 of a 28 detox I’m doing… I don’t really like the word ‘diet’ more finding what eating makes me happy and healthy so right now for the next 28 days I’m dairy free, gluten free, processed foods free and alcohol free (along with no refined sugars but I’ve been that for 6 weeks now) 🙂 how do you find being vegan? would love to try it one day however due to my workout regime and eating lean meats are my go to for protein along with eggs!


      1. The short answer is that I’ve enjoyed my decision. The trick is to plan your way around what to eat really. I don’t work out that much at the moment and I don’t know if I get all the protein, iron, b12 and other vitamins/minerals I need. I might specify this reply when I have more time. For now I’ll just say that personally I’ve liked to try it out. I’ve learned so much about what my food contains, cooking recipes and things like that 🙂

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