10 things that make me happy

So I have started doing this 30 day blogging challenge and seeing as     today is Sunday I thought today would be the best day to start. The first topic is 10 things that make me happy!
So here goes:
1. Working out: I think soon I'm going to run through a blog on what I do everyday to keep fit and healthy but honestly working out is the best     stress reliever. I am so addicted to that feeling of happiness after a good workout, it helps me focus and get things done as well as being more confident because I know I am getting stronger each and every single    day.

2. Listening to music: I am really into chilled acoustic music (check out my top 10 favourite artists for some good ones to listen to) along with bands and dance music. I have just recently seen Diplo at a concert that he had in Brisbane and he was so amazing the whole night I was dancing    and hanging out with friends while making some new ones. Just all the     different emotions that music brings out for you is the thing that       makes me the happiest.

3. Adventuring and exploring new places: My best friend and I have a 'bad habit' as our parents call it of disappearing and going wondering off     from their site in order to find new places to camp and chill. I love   travelling and going new places all for the experience and excitement of having your body not recognising where they are.

4. Writing: I wouldn't be writing blogs if I didn't absolutely love       about random things that run through my head. I was telling my English    teacher that the reason I have issues with word limits is because I      don't want the thing that I am writing to end. I want to live in the     world that I am creating forever explaining every single detail that     runs through my head and unfortunately that is impossible with only a    1200 word limit. I just love word vomiting so I find my release by       doing it on here. 

5. Blogging: I have a Tumblr and a Pinterest just because I am obsessed  with photography and aesthetics and how it all works. I am not very        creative in that area so I love delving into that world and getting and eye for it. If you would like to follow my Tumblr I will leave a link at right here ------>

6. Fashion: I hope that one day I am able to start my own fashion line     just on the side of what my real career is going to be because I love    the idea of marketing and making people happy with things that I have    created. 

7. Teaching: I hope one day to be an English teacher, just to inspire      people to be better and do better in the world is what inspires me and makes me happy.

8. Reading: It's also the best thing on earth getting lost in a good book and not wanting it to end so I try and read as much as I possibly can     although I am a very slow reader so it does take me a while to finish a book if I am not fully dedicated to it.

9. The ocean: I honestly wish I spent more time at the beach then what I do because it is the best place on earth to be. It is so peaceful and      relaxing. I just love seeing the world at its most beautiful and thats definitely at the beach.

10. Getting shit done: It makes me so happy when I have something on my     mind and instead of just thinking about it I actually get up and do it there is honestly nothing better. 


2 thoughts on “10 things that make me happy

  1. Hey there!

    I’m K&L, the CEO from the Millionaire’s Digest who runs the 400+ Millionaire’s Digest team, and I recently received your application to join our team. Anyway, this is a letter to let you know that I have completely looked over it and have officially approved you to become a part of our team, so I’ve sent you an invitation to your email!

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    1. Hi thank you so much!!!! I can’t wait to write for you everyday!! I was just wondering if there is an active Instagram and Tumblr page of millionaire digest? If not I would love to help you get out there more and manage Tumblr and Instagram accounts for millionaire digest along with the other writers having access to it to so we have a great community! Please let me know what you think about this! -Rora 🙂


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