Something that somebody told me that I will never forget.

Somebody once told me that I can persuade the masses. My smile, my presentation, my unhide-able confidence gave people the feeling of up-lifiting. I am a role model. He told me to never stop believing in what you know you can do, who you know you can help and how you can be the best possible person you are.

Show the world the face of truth and knowledge and thats all the power you need. You don’t need to tell them how live, yet show them. Show them what makes you truly happy! Make them want to try it to because the best leader will always motivate others not force them. They will give everyone the opportunity to be brave enough to do something new. That’s  when a true leader is shown and true leaders are discovered.

I want to inspire others, not to make them like me, but to make them like them. To all be individual and be proud of who they are. To make more noise but not be obnoxious about it. Show people leadership and harmony through grace and actions not through force and loud screaming. Be kind, forgive those who have done you wrong. For everything is either a blessing or a lesson and sometimes those blessing need to teach you a lesson before you realise their soul purpose. Be loving, never say no to helping someone because help should be something that doesn’t need to be asked for it should always be there.

And most importantly believe in yourself and what you stand for. because if you don’t believe it, then how are you expecting anyone else too.

A very important person told me this one day. Someone who I look up to, as a second father I can guarantee their wisdom and motivation whenever I need it or don’t need it. I have a lot to thank this man for. Although words will never express my gratitude, someone who motivates me to be better than I ever thought I would be, even though he has seen it since day 1 truly inspires me to. He never gave up and truly he’s made sure I never will either.


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