4 ways to lead a more ethical life.

So ethics is something that is so important and sometimes we forget the things that we use in our everyday life are unethical. So here are 4 ways to be more ethical:


  1. Download an app called “good on you”: this app has thousands of clothing brands and rates their ethical practices to what is a good standard, if any companies have an ethical rating of 3 stars or less don’t buy their products. I was very surprised to see some big brands with ethical ratings of 2 stars and lower. For a company that is making millions of dollars each year are using minimum wage people from 3rd world countries to make their products. It really disappoints me. Did you know that fashion is the 3rd most polluting industry in the world and the 2nd largest consumer of water.
  2. Don’t support any foods or cosmetics that use palm oil in them. Palm oil is something that I am so against. All it is, is a money funded a money  industry that is destroying the natural habitat of many animals just to be added to your Nutella and lipsticks.
  3. Say no to un-recycable plastics!! Did you know that every single piece of plastic that has ever been made is still on earth and has not bio degraded. Anything that has micro beads or the plastic bags you get from Coles are terrible for the environment, they either go to ocean or as landfill. Until all plastic can be recycled and people understand how to dispose of it correctly, say no to plastic!
  4. Do not support Animal Tested cosmetics. Anything that does not say ‘not animal tested’ don’t even touch. It is horrible what is happening to animals and it is continuing because people like you and me are all guilty of buying products that do support animal testing. So if we all make a conscious effort not to support these companies then animal testing will be stopped once and for all.

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