5 blessing in my life right now.

So, I’ve currently just gotten back from Japan (blog coming soon). But after travelling through Japan I’ve became really grateful for what I have and I thought I would just quickly tell you about 5 things that I am blessed to have in my life right now! (there is nothing wrong with showing your grateful once in a while).

  1. The opportunities I have been given not only with school, but travelling and life all together. I have been lucky enough to experience many different places and meeting so many different people! That has made me grateful to learn so many different things about different people and show me more who I am as well.
  2. The people who are in my life. I believe that if someone is in my life they are here right now for reason and right now thats the way its meant to be. Wether it’s a blessing or a lesson who the hell knows, what I have learnt is the people who are dearest to me no matter where they are or where I am they are always there for me. Couldn’t ever be grateful enough for those people.
  3. Dogs. Thank god for puppies and labradors and huskies because they are literally the reason I am a happy person. Dogs are just so cute and I am very thankful for dogs and when I am older I am going to own so many dogs.
  4. Books. I love the fact that I can lose myself in a book and enter a world where non of my problems exist. You could probably call it avoiding my problems  and honestly I wouldn’t argue with you!! But truly it is my escape! I am so very grateful for books and the way that they make me feel.
  5. My final blessing is being able to express myself in words. I am thankful for the people who are always checking up on my blogs and keeping in contact with me and keeping me on track!! Writing is my escape and my way to vent all my problems to the world without really offending or hurting people. In my everyday life I try and be the best person I possibly can be, and I keep to myself about my opinions and beliefs. It is the best feeling knowing that I will only have to hold onto that opinion for a few hours because then I will go and write down how I feel inside either on my blog or in my journal.

4 thoughts on “5 blessing in my life right now.

  1. realising your blessings in life is so important, loved reading this! books are 100% my escape too and I hate when people say younger generations are going to end books and make it all technology. x

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