My workout schedule!!

So I’ve written about my cleaning eating a lot and all about being sugar free etc but I have never written about what I do to keep fit and toned.
So I have recently just gotten obsessed with pilates!! It is so much fun and I am always motivated for it!!
So I follow Cassey Ho’s blogilates monthly challenges and I am also currently following her 6 week toning challenges!
Cassey is the most amazing person to follow workouts too! She is always motivating and even though she isn’t actually watching you working out it feels like she is, and you can’t stop purely because you don’t want to let her down!!
So anyway I wake up at 5:30 every Monday-friday and then I do a late morning workout on Saturday and Sunday is primarily focused on stretching!
I also go to the gym in my gated community where I do weights and cardio. But I owe all my process to Casey and her motivating workout videos! So I definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to work out and get healthy!!
I will leave the link to her blog and her youtube channel below!!
Hope you all enjoy as much as I do!!!!

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