Why going gluten free is not good!!

So the new diet craze around and everywhere is going gluten free. annnnnddddd being the diet obsessor I am I decided to do some research on gluten free diets, the substitutes, extra ingredients etc etc and I was really surprised with what I found out.
I actually had an argument with my family about gluten and I used to be on the ‘gluten free wagon’ as per say. I was adamant gluten was not good for our diets and we didn’t need it and our gluten intake is way higher than what it was back when we were hunter gatherers and I admit its a popular belief. I think its because we just think ‘we didn’t have bread and pasta when we were hunter gatherers so gluten must be bad’. and that statement isn’t all wrong while we did live of a paleo diet I was really surprised to learn that our gluten intake was actually higher than what it is now. It’s just the forms that we are intaking gluten that makes our body reject it.
So I am going to go into the science of it all and how we know this…
So gluten has only just been proved to be hunter gatherer diets (only in past few months). This is because a fossilised human poop was discovered and when it was examined it was proven to have almost 2 times more gluten than what we daily intake today. The only difference is they were eating grains and not processed gluten like we do today.
Healthy hint: eat more multigrain bread and wholemeal pasta.
Why? Because grains actually clean out all the bad toxins in our body they enable our digestive track to keep clean and help us digest our food easier.
But I hear you saying gluten is the reason I can’t looseeee weighhhttttt
Wait for it I’m getting there.
Gluten is actually amazing for you!!! Don’t underestimate it!!!
It stores energy so your body can release glucose slowly and make you happy all day!!
Yes its true if you eat to much and don’t burn it off it turns into fat…. but here’s a double whammy for you….
Gluten free products are extremely high in sugar!!!!
Even gluten free bread… what yes I know right… it surprised me too.
So if you cut sugar out of your diet your body has more of an excuse to use the complex carbohydrates you enrich your body with.
How good does that sound your body gets constant energy and you get a clean digestive system!!
Basically if you’re trying to lose weight or get fit gluten free is not the way, at all! If you don’t have an allergy to gluten don’t deprive yourself from it!!!
It is sooooooo vital for us and even better sugar is so unnecessary!!
Who could have guessed this would have linked back to sugar? if you’ve read my other blogs I am disappointed in you if you’re suprised!
So what I am asking you all to do is do your research enrich your mind with what you should be enriching your body and when you do that your opinions will strongly change.
So please please please especially when it comes to your body, health and diet don’t go with the ‘norm’ of dieting. The word diet shouldn’t even be in your vocabulary! Its eating healthy and fulfilling!! (believe it or not there are better substitutes of that Lindt chocolate. and don’t worry I have trouble convincing myself of that too).
Please just remember sugar either equals quick energy or a fat build up. (we need non of these things… eat an apple if you really need a quick energy source… it will give you more energy than a coffee).
Gluten = slow energy release, vitamins and minerals and digestive clearing. (we need all of these things).
I hope this is enlightening and if not then I mostly hope that it inspires you to read up yourself on the facts. Find out for yourself. Don’t take my word or the person next to you. Read up on lots of legitimate sources (Scientific America is a great one) and find out for yourself!!

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