5 reasons to be motivated for the winter months!!

So over here in the land down under.. Southern Hemisphere it is the first day of winter!!! And while I’m not a fan of the cold at all and I always feel like doing nothing!!! So here are my reasons to be motivated through winter!!!
1. Keep healthy- There is not a more important time to keep working out or start going to the gym because when it’s cold, the best thing for your body to do is to move so the blood is flowing and you get those winter endorphins!!!
2. If you can do it in the winter you can do it in the summer- Winter time is the perfect time to get your routine together and set some goals you have 6 months till the first day of summer and over those six months through winter and spring you can work towards those goals and feel the sense of achievement when summer comes around!
3. Be motivated to do something new- my goals over the winter is to learn German, I am using an app called Duolingo and it is the most awesome app to start learning a language!!! You can get the app on both Apple and Android 🙂
4. Learn to Learn- When it’s winter and you’re in bed doing nothing or bingeing on that netflix show (yes yes i do it too criminal minds is my go to forever and always) but what i like to do also is read books that teach you something, whether it is a life lesson in a fiction book or actual biographies or self help books the options are endless!! You can also read blogs or short stories, anything that is going to fill your mind with knowledge!!
5. Get inspired by what is going on in the world around you- Winter is the perfect time to do some research into what is happening in the world. I always read scientifica america articles where i learn about what is currently happening with the environment or new scientific discoveries it’s really awesome to find out what is happening in the world and while the sun rises a lot later and sets a lot earlier it’s the perfect time to find out what is happening in other places where the sun rises early!!!
I hope that this blog gives you inspiration if you want keep up to date with me and my life follow me on my social medias and my youtube channel 🙂
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