Do what you love.. even if you can’t!


I am writing this for everyone who is lacking motivation right now. Lacking the creative or logical idea’s to get you over that brick wall of procrastination and self doubt. I am writing this to remind you that you can do it. There is nothing that is to great, you can achieve what ever you want! But thats the thing… you have to want it. You have to find a way to keep in line of sight what you want to do, and try and balance what you have to do. Because everyone expects you to do well what you have to do. I am telling you right now that all you have to do is what you want to do. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do what you want because that’s just their self doubt in themselves trying to hold you back too.

I am on my final stretch in my schooling and honestly especially this year, I have dedicated most of my time to the things that I wanted to do, and trust me that was not my school work! I want to teach people, help people, inspire people and lead people and that’s exactly what I do! I get my school work done as quick as possible so I can get back to doing the things that I have started and enjoyed doing the most. For me I look back and think about all the time that I have dedicated to building up my curricula  in school and I think to myself, if I decided not to do the robotics 18 months ago, I would have all this time to get good grades and my overall results would be that much better! But then I think about all of the good things that has happened because I decided to take the path of starting my own curricula. I had people when I started school say to me; ” there is no way a brand new student in year 11 can start, run and teach a brand new curricula that has never been heard of here, with your school work schedule and all the sports that you are forced to do”. That for me was their ticket to the big grandiose show called “watch me”! Watch me start my own curricula, watch me balance my school work, watch me do it well, watch me inspire people and watch me travel around Australia with the people who have put faith in me. Because I could do it! I did do it!

It’s all about your priorities not anyone else’s priorities for you! What do you want to do? What do you want to be remembered for?  Actually, even better question: What can you do that you will be remembered that you’re passionate about? Don’t ever let idiots whether they are your friends, teachers, parents or colleagues to tell you that you can’t do something that you want to. Because you can do it! Just believe in yourself! Believe in the knowledge that you have acquired, the knowledge that you are going to gain and the skill set that you have been blessed with. Don’t say know and don’t ever take no for answer! Do it to prove to yourself that if you’re not like everyone else then that’s the best possible thing ever! Because the people who are all the same are going to remember you as the sunflower who bloomed all year round, not just in spring when they are supposed to.

Find something that you love and do it every day, just add to it every single day, bit by bit. Don’t stop because someone says to you “it’s not going to get into uni” “no one has ever done that before” “it’s not going to make you any money” just do what people think you can’t!! and when you do it, turn around and smile with your head high, because while you may have not gotten an A in that pointless test that means absolutely nothing, you’re now influential, different, anything but basic, and you’re loving every moment of it.

I recommend if you ever need motivation watch this:

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