Ways to increase your happiness!!

I hope that happiness engulfs your life and the people around you!! Here are some ways to increase happiness around you and your own inner happiness!

1. Drink a shit ton more water then what you are right now!!! Hydrate your mind so you are swimming in a pool of happy thoughts and happy cells.

2. Exercise!! Get your heart rate up because the best things in this life make you sweat!

3. Eat only the foods that this earths gifts us with. More fruits and veges is what mother nature wants you to enjoy just so you know that like the food you are eating you can be a whole person and you don’t have to feel empty inside.

4. Don’t be jealous of what you don’t have. LOVE YOUR FREAKING SELF!!!! There will always be someone prettier and more talented then you. But guess what. She/ He isn’t you!! Work everyday towards being a better you. because wishing you were them only makes you more empty and doesn’t effect them at all. Remember that.

5. Stop listening to mainstream music and find yourself some bands and singers who connect with you and sing to your heart and stand up for what you believe in. Once you find them, binge and binge and binge!! Music heals and builds up the soul but that music needs to be bricks for you soul to build with.

6.Whatever is bugging you…. get it out of you creatively. personally i write stories and poems. but this can be anything from singing, drawing literally anything!!!

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