Why I am voting yes!

For all of my readers who are not Australian I will give you a little bit of background to my latest vlog on my youtube channel and this corresponding blog to go with it. In Australia right now there is major political and public debate as to whether Australia should legalise gay marriage. A crazy amount of money has been poured into a non compulsory survey as to whether gay marriage should be legalised or not.

On Sunday I was lucky enough to be one of the 10,000 people who attended the pride rally in Brisbane, pledging there status and claiming that they will be voting yes for the legalisation of gay marriage. The rally itself was an amazing eye opening experience as the people who I was surrounded by were the most genuine and kind people. Not one person tried to force their opinion onto me or anyone else, it was a harmonious rally where the people of Australia who support the legalisation of gay marriage came together and voiced their opinion for a very important cause.

This was especially eye opening for me because I, a straight female woman felt extremely comfortable around people who I was always taught to not feel comfortable around. Homophobia was non existent and there was no hate at all! For me, this what a I aspire to have as a main aspect of my life. I am lover not a fighter and I believe that everyone deserves to be happy and loved. Marriage in the 21st Century is not about gender but its about who you are marrying. I am a true believer that love is love and I see nothing wrong with allowing gay’s to marry. At the end of the day it doesn’t effect me at all, except it will make me a hell of a lot happier to see so much more love in Australia than hate right now.

Most importantly, the one lesson that I am going to carry with me is to spread love like it’s confetti! Spread it everywhere and enrich the world around you with that love. If we all do our little part to spread that love than we can all make this planet a little less negative!

Australia- I hope that something so petty as a gay marriage will never be an issue ever again. As Queen B would say “If you like then put a ring on it”!

-Rora xx

2 thoughts on “Why I am voting yes!

  1. Great to read this post 🙂
    I have been seeing so much hype on Facebook in particular about why you guys should vote no. Think those people need to get with the times and like you said, listen to Queen B 😅

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    1. I could not agree more!!! I believe everyone has their right to voice their opinion about whether they want it or not! But i believe Queen B is very right and we should love each other no matter what gender we like ❤️🌈

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