I hope that you read this and it inspires you.


What you are about to read is the speech that I originally was going to say today at a School Chapel Service… I hope that you read this and remember that it is okay to be different, to have different goals and most importantly that it is okay to struggle at school. Know that you are all guiding lights in your own story. This is my fleeting moth in my mind that has sometimes brought me down. 

Enjoy xx 

I would like to share a secret with you all, something about me that may or may not surprise you. My secret is that my fretting moth in my mind is that of my grades. School grades has been something that I have always struggled with and I have had to work extremely hard to achieve my goals in the classroom. This moth has been something that has caused me to shed a lot of tears and I would place a lot of stress upon myself. This moth was constantly telling me that I even though I am trying my hardest, it wasn’t good enough. When I begin to self-doubt myself, I take a step back from this moth and it becomes seemingly tiny in the grand scheme of what I have and what I know I can achieve. See, behind this moth that I sometimes focus way too much on is a butterfly that encapsulates everything that I am and stand for. This butterfly helps me remember that I know for a fact that I am life smart. I know that while there will be challenges in life, I will be able to stand on my own 2 feet. This is something that a text book will never be able to teach me. The butterfly reminds me that I know I can run a business, lead, inspire and it also helps me remember the values I hold dear to myself; to be truly grateful for everything that I have and everyone around me. To love and always walk with my best foot forward and to always try to be a guiding light for people who are lost. I always remember that it is okay to ask for something because the worst answer that you can get is no.  And most importantly like Sienna, I remember to always have a laugh and be positive about the situations and events that occur.

If I had of let this moth bring me down, I wouldn’t have the things that are so important to me right now; my robotics co-curricula, something that I have dedicated so much time to and not one second of that do I regret. The blog that I write because I know that through words I can help, guide and motivate people. Through my dedication to widen my skills and seek out my own research is what makes me, me.

One thing that I know for sure, is that while my grades could be better, I know that this is okay. No one can bring me down for that. Not everyone is text book smart. Work hard in school but know that it is okay to find something you love and are passionate about and work so hard towards that as well.

I know that I will never settle, for there will always be a part of me out there that I will not find if I don’t continue learning about things that I love and am interested in. Everything that ever happens is either a blessing or a lesson, so don’t let that moth in your mind hold the butterfly in your soul back from venturing the world. Don’t just be a sunflower that only blooms in Spring. Bloom all year round, be more, do more, love more and especially laugh more. And when we fall which we all do, it’s inevitable, just know that if you intertwine your mind with the lesson that the world is trying to teach you, your soul will be enriched with knowledge enabling you to now stand taller, bloom for longer and radiate brighter than ever. Girls release and follow your butterfly and forget that moth.

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