Why I will never buy a yearly diary ever again!

I did a video at the start of September and it was a plan with me bullet journal. This blog is all about why I bullet journal and some spread ideas that could get you excited more than ever to put your life on paper. To see the video -> 

  1. Bullet journaling is so therapeutic! I find it so nice to be just drawing and painting even though I am not the best at it, it helps me widen my skills, my creativity and just makes being crafty a lot of fun especially if your sticking to a theme each and every month.
  2. Find different themes for each month. Find things you like to see or are interested in and immerse yourself in the one thing that you choose each and every month. This month my choice was flowers and spring because that is the current season here in Australia._DSC0187
  3. It gives you ways to track your productivity and goals. Write down something that you know you should be doing everyday working towards each goal. It is a great way to mentally reward yourself for working towards your goals.
  4. Express gratitude everyday in your bullet journal. Dedicate a page to things that you are grateful for each and every day and it doesn’t have to be big things. Each day something great does happen to us and it is our responsibility to remember even the tiniest thing by writing it down. The more grateful you are the more things that will come to you that you will be grateful for.
  5. You can also track your mood, spending and appointments. Have daily spreads with a colour coordinated key where you can track your mood depending on what colour you choose to make your day is your mood or do it in a graph style, there are plenty of ways to do this and you can be as creative as you would like with it._DSC0189

Bullet journalling is something that I absolutely love doing. While it is not for everyone I would really recommend everyone finding a

notebook that they can be creative in and just trying it. I have learnt that by creating a diary that works for you, you can save money and expand your creativity to find what you truly like.

Thank you for reading and if you haven’t already don’t forget to follow my blog and my youtube account I am almost at 100 subs so it would mean the world to me if you subscribed!

-Arora xx


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