Health Benefits of Coffee

Anyone who truly knows me knows that I am a true coffee lover. Long blacks are my go to because to drink a good black coffee is to really appreciate the effort that the earth has put into giving it to you. 

While there are true crimes against the coffee nature in life (international roast (Sorry family), Blend 43 and Leaf and Grain Byron Bay coffee). Once you find an awesome tasting coffee (my personal favourites are Merlo and Sixpence Coffee) there are actually awesome benefits that come from drinking coffee and I am here to share with you why this moderate addiction isn’t so necessarily a bad thing. I will provide you with some facts about coffee and why this is so!

  1. Coffee reduces your risks of type 2 diabetes: Frank Hu, MD, MPH, PhD, nutrition and epidemiology professor at the Harvard School of Public Health says that the risk of getting type 2 diabetes is decreased with the increase intake of coffee. Coffee increases the metabolism, maintains your insulin and levels and has a high amount of antioxidants to add into your body making it easier for you lose weight and  hence decreasing your chances of getting type 2 diabetes.
  2. Coffee makes you live for longer (not sure if this is true but lets just go with it hey)?
  3. Coffee helps you strengthen muscles through the activation of your muscles and the increase in blood flow through the body allowing for body to warm up and warm down a lot easier.
  4. Coffee is great for your skin especially acne. I have personally found that coffee has reduced the amount of acne that I get and I have also found that the recovery time for any acne that does come is very very quick.
  5. Caffeine is a wonderful thing when you are a student or doing anything really. The brain stimulant allows you increase productivity and allowing you to get more done and at a better quality.

My life would not be what it is without coffee, I hope that this makes the coffee drinkers feel less guilty and enjoy the beauty that coffee has to offer to us.

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-Arora xx


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