Crazy thoughts

Just write something… Anything.

Writers block. Something that well I don’t believe really exists. Sav Brown sums it up absolutely perfectly; if someone has writers block they are either unmotiavted, lazy or insecure. Looking at this and how little I post got me thinking. There are somethings that I am insecure about posting, and that is the reason that those things aren’t posted (one day they might be), laziness; well when it comes to my writing yes, I admit it I am lazy. I have all these ideas that are constantly flowing through my mind and I hesitate to write them down in the procrastination of them becoming something that will flourish. Unmotivation is something that I constantly struggle with. Not that I am unmotivated to write about, if I could I would be writing all day everyday I absolutely love it and I would hate to think of myself with out my ability to bead together sentences. However, I am unmotivated because I am yet to find my niche. What I like to write about, what really gets my blood flowing and reminds me of my enjoyment of writing,

I really don’t want this blog to be a shallow blog, I want to be partly uplifting, motivating, philosophical and deep. That is something that sounds so exciting to me…. but just what will the main theme be? I don’t even have that answer for you, but until then I shall write about experiences that have happened to me on a certain day. Things that have been on my mind. Maybe viewing these things in a different perspective will give me the ability to see what it truly is that is demanding my exploring.


Today: 11 11 11 11 11 everywhere I go, do or explore the number 11 seems to pop everywhere for me. I noticed it last night especially when I was reading apart of my dads book when he mentions a speech that I had not heard of before, I chucked it a google and the date of the speech was on the 11/11/1974. Interesting what is it about me and 11? I am truly interested because ever since I was a kid 11 just was kinda everywhere. 11/11/1863 was the date that my 4x Great Aunt Elizabeht Scott was hung and she was the youngest and first ever woman in Australia to be hung, I have spent the last few weeks investigating her as she is mysterical and unknown. 11/11/1918 Rememberance day. 11/11/1974 my favourite actor was born-Leonardo DiCaprio of course (on that very same day was the speech that I just mentioned). 11/11/10 was the day that I got diagnosed with Scarlett fever, a very rare condition for a 10 year old girl and the list goes on. So I shall watch I origin which is all about 11’s reccomended to me by my friend!

-Arora x

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