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You Can’t Do It – a poem

Just something I wrote, I love writing poetry so enjoy. 

It’s not you that can’t do it. But… You can’t do it.

It’s not that I don’t believe in you . However, there are so many things you can’t do.

You don’t have the work ethic.

You don’t have the grunt.

The way you act is pathetic .

You are so unrealistic, this world will eat you up.

No one I repeat No on is nice.

Now, eat up my lies and swallow them twice, they wil make you as cold as ice.

You can’t do it. How can you live when you hold your cutlery wrong

you have absolutely nothing to give.

So don’t try at all.

Stay at home where meat is as well done as the sadness we call home. Pain may as well be our last name.

But you have never felt pain because you have gained nothing.

You live under a rock, I recommend you stay there.

Because the light will kill you before the thunder.

You have no time to ponder and because you like to wonder, you    can’t      do      it.

I have no faith… in this world… that I live in, because I live in the real world.

Misery is the real world, take it as you will.

But knowing you, you will choke on that pill.

Because, you can’t do it.

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