17 things that I have learnt in 2017

I have found that 2017 has definitely been a growing year for me. If you would like to see the youtube video to this blog please click here.

  1. Finding new friends is the greatest thing ever:  this has been the year that I have met some of the most greatest people that I have ever been around. I am so thankful for the fact that I have backed myself enough to make such great friends and it will be a lesson that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.
  2. Discovering Art has me for the better: So Art, writing and film was something that I never knew I had an appreciation for until this year. I am grateful to say that discovering that I do have a love for the Arts has led me to become a better person and has shaped what I am doing and who I am today.
  3. It’s not all about your grades: At the end of the day you really do have to ask yourself “who am I and what do I want to be?” if you can see yourself doing better things out in the world than in the classroom, then don’t ever hesitate in making that happen, sometimes your grades will suffer but at the end of the day if you are more fulfilled and content with yourself than that is all that you can ask of yourself.
  4. Starting a youtube channel is a lot of fun and I am extremely out of my comfort zone: I have found that this year I have pushed myself to be out of my comfort zone like no other year before. One of those things that was out of my comfort zone was starting a youtube channel. I am way out of my comfort zone by having a youtube channel, yet I love because I constantly surprise myself and find that I am surprising myself by what I can really create and the audiences that I really can reach.
  5. Money is hard to save: I love the idea of no spending and saving all your money, but when you are constantly travelling and have an extreme coffee addiction then it is not really the best thing for your bank account. It is the little things that you spend your money on that all count up to hurt your bank account, remember that.
  6. There is not one thing about drinking that I enjoy: I find that if anything alcohol brings me down and I find that really do not like the person that I am when I drink. Which I really don’t mind because coming back to point number 5, alcohol is expensive so I am sure that I am saving a lot of money by not drinking as much as others.
  7. Cleaner diet=cleaner outside you: this one is obvious but you don’t really know the truth until you try it. My best advice is to remove added and artificial sugars from your diet.
  8. Being addicted to caffeine is not fun at all: It is not fun at all waking up with a seriously bad caffeine migraine is absolutely horrible and the fact that I hate being controlled by something especially something as minor as coffee.
  9. Everything in moderation: this one is obvious, but never eat, drink or spend to much.
  10. Selling things that you do not need on eBay is so much fun: not only does it help you with a little bit of pocket, but knowing that your pieces of clothing that you don’t use anymore are going to people who needed them. It is also sustainable and feels great achieving something like that too.
  11. Painting, poetry, photography and art galleries are amazing: One of the big reasons that I am who I am today is because I spend my “me” time writing, painting, taking photos, writing photography and in art galleries. It gives me a great perspective on the world, makes me thinks deeper about things and allows me to find inspiration all around me.
  12. The more that you read, the better writer you become: I find that the more I read the more I think about things that I can create and write about. Using other peoples ideas to fuel my own ideas is a great way to conceive brilliant ideas. I enjoy reading, I enjoy learning on my own terms and I enjoy becoming more aware due to my ever expanding mind.
  13. Nothing ever lasts forever:  This is something I learnt the most this year. When you think that something will never end, suddenly it does; this includes relationships, friendships and institutions that you are apart of. It is something so beautiful yet, so unsettling about this world and I think that once we have grasped upon that lesson, we are more grateful for the things around us.
  14. Some people can seem okay, when they really are not: This was a lesson that I didn’t expect to learn so abruptly. I was working closely with a women to promote her Charity that she was running when I found from a teacher that she had passed away. At first I was shocked and devastated because she was a women that I had spent hours talking to, emailing and introducing to people in the community that I was apart of. She was a women who I looked up to and she was really a ray of sunshine in my life. No one knew how she passed away so I assumed that it had been a natural accident or she was sick. I wasn’t to far away from being right when I thought that she was sick but I never thought that she was mentally ill. She had committed suicide, and no one knew that she wasn’t okay. It shocked me because I didn’t realise it, she seemed content as she worked hard to feed homeless people around my natural area. I will never forget her, and the lesson that she taught me in life.
  15. True friendship is really possible: Honestly to find true friendship is something that I think people overlook, but it is such a beautiful thing, when you can have those deeper more thoughtful conversations with someone. It’s truly possible and I encourage everyone to aspire to that with someone.
  16. Going Sugar free is amazing: This is something that I recommend to everyone that I meet. It helps you mentally, physically and it helps you appreciate true food out there, not just artificial things.
  17. No one is ever who they are online compared to real life: This one is an obvious one, but it isn’t all negative, some people who seem mellow online can be the greatest people to have conversations. It is really a beautiful thing that face to face conversations can do.

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