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My Favourite Childhood Memory- A friend that was always there, yet I never saw.

As I am currently in the process of moving out of my parents home and starting a new adventure, that is the beginning of my adult life. I thought that it would be an appropriate time now to reflect back with all of you, my favourite childhood memory. 

As a child in 4th grade, all I wanted was a best friend. I had just moved schools and that meant that my childhood friend since the 1st day of Kindergarten was now no longer able to be my friend on the daily. As she and I both drifted apart I found it hard to integrate into a new school environment and saw myself as confident yet an outsider. I didn’t really have any friends and the girls and boys in my grade at the time took great pleasure out of making the new kid (me) feel horribly unwelcome!

My little brother who was in grade 2 at the time had the same issue as me. We were both confident and always had something to contribute and really, even at the young age of 6 and 7. That wasn’t appreciated.  Every day both my brother and I would come home and 9 times out of 10 would put on a brave face to mum and dad and would say that we enjoyed school. (They eventually found out but for while there they didn’t really have an idea of what was happening).

One day I bumped into my brother at lunch time. I had no one to sit with and was going to reside in my little sanctuary I had created for myself behind a few tree’s in the playground. I asked him where he was heading and he said he wasn’t really sure, he didn’t have anywhere to go and the kids weren’t playing football this lunch. I looked around and noticed a table that was empty. I asked him if he wished to sit with me at lunch. He smiled and without hesitation agreed to keep me company. The whole lunchtime we giggled (laughing at the people who laughed at us), laughing at things that happened at home and spoke about other things that were happening in our shared lives.

I had found in solace in a piece of home that was always around me (yet most of the time I had struggled to admit that). I had for the first time in so long devoured my 2 ham and mayonnaise  sandwiches in enjoyable company. I was content, at peace with what was happening to me at school and kind of felt bad for the ants and birds who didn’t get to eat my left over crust. (I always used to through them on the ground or into the bush). I also would consistently get into trouble for littering but I didn’t care. For the next week after that, my brother and I sat together every recess and lunch. My days at school became actually enjoyable and I really looked forward to it. That was, until football started again and I was left by myself. But it was all okay. I found some other people who would at least let me sit in their group with them and while I don’t think they liked me, I convinced myself they did and that was all that really mattered at the time.

I have many favourite memories, but I chose to write this one because

a. it was the first to come to my mind and

b. I think that what I learnt from this memory made me as the 8 year old I was a lot wiser and more content with who I am.

I also realised that my best friend. The person who dealt with me 100% of the time was my little brother. And he still is. My best friend who I had been searching for was always there, it just needed the right combination of stupid teachers to confiscate a ball and corner-to-corner ham sandwiches for me to figure it out.

Home is where the heart is and while I am about to set out on making myself a new home. I shall never forget the gruelling lessons that my childhood home has taught me. The main one of that being; that you find friendship and the strangest of places. This being a lesson that throughout my life I have been consistently reminded of.


I hope that you enjoyed this.

Arora xx IMG_8176

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