About me

Hey world! My name is Arora (if you’re a regular you can call me Rora)! Welcome to my blog where I write about anything and everything that comes to my mind! I will give you some fun facts about me before you dive into blog!

  • I am Australian and grew up in many different towns and cities!
  • I’m a Capricorn and very proud of it! ♑️
  • I am a high school senior who adores travelling and meeting people!
  • I am Youtuber where I focus on my life being no added sugar free along with dabbling in vlogs and do any other random lifestyle fitness videos!
  • I love writing poems and making videos!
  • I love Husky’s and Jeeps more than anything!
  • I love social media and talking to people!!
  • I love the environment, everything happy and healthy especially the ocean!

This blog is where all of my passions and thoughts become intertwined into one – I will post videos corresponding with most of my blogs so please subscribe to my youtube channel! Enjoy!!

For business enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact- aroralillian@gmail.com